Pondular demo video

A couple years ago I made an experimental soft synth called Pondular for the KVR Audio Developer Challenge. The sound engine is a pretty generic VA, but it has a physics-based interface that is fun to watch and occasionally hypnotic. Here’s a short video demonstration:

Tech note: I would like to make more video demos, but I need easier screencasting software. Suggestions?

3 Responses to “Pondular demo video”

  1. Darius K. Says:

    BB Flashback is pretty great, and only $40 for the basic version.


  2. Kevin Says:

    Thanks, I’ll check it out. Do you know if it works with GL and regular GDI side-by-side? Because that is the problem I had recording Pondular.

    This is probably good for normal, non-animated software though.

  3. Darius K. Says:

    Well, there’s a free demo so you can test it yourself. Not sure if the GL will work out.

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