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In honor of the Champions League final

Here is a theme song I made for The Offside podcast about a year ago.  They decided not to use it, which doesn’t bother me; but they used some kind of lame audio clip art non-song instead, which does.  Weak.  I was all set to rip some Jose Mourinho quotes off of YouTube and layer them in.


As for the actual match, at first I found it hard to get excited for yet another Man U-Chelsea clash.  But no matter how you feel about the teams, you can’t deny that they are both stacked with talent.  And for that matter, Chelsea’s reputation for cynical football is a bit overblown.  So I decided to stop worrying about hatin’ on the big-money clubs and just enjoy one more big-time game.

Kevin + Chuck = Love

Music Thing created a cool Google map of music shops around the world— you know, actual buildings where you can walk in to look at and play with instruments.  It’s an open map, so you’re free to add your favorite joint.  I was flattered that I had the chance to add Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center to the map.

If you fancy yourself a musician and live anywhere in the mid-Atlantic USA, you need to make the pilgrimage to Chuck’s. It’s massive, occupying four ugly buildings in an ugly strip mall in ugly suburban Maryland.  The selection is huge and the staff are phenomenal.  I was there with my dad one time; he was looking for a guitar stand, which seemed like a good enough excuse to make the trip.  I think this was around Christmas time, and the place was jam packed with people.  But the clerk who helped him must have spent ten solid minutes asking about his guitar, comparing different models, showing him how they folded up, like he was Bob Dylan.

Happily, this is not one of those “please support this great independent joint or it might disappear” rants.  Despite operating out of a single location, insiders tell me Chuck’s is the only music retailer in the US with enough clout to compete with Guitar Center on price.

The Washington Post had a great feature on Chuck’s a few years back that captures the feel nicely.

Have you been to Chuck’s?  Share your love below.

On the subject of vintage polysynths

In the market for an Oberheim OB-Xa?  Well, now’s your chance to have Debbie Gibson’s.

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