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Curious branding decisions, me dept

Of all contributors to the 60×60 Buzz Compilation, which you should download, I am the only one not credited under a pseudonym.  I am still trying to figure out the deep insight this fact reveals about either me or the Buzz community, but I’m sure it’s there.

Curious branding decisions, Roland dept

So Roland announced their latest Juno synthesizer, the Juno Stage.  It’s another rompler, this time more performance oriented.  Roland have a long history of making good romplers.  I have not played extensively with the new Junos myself, but friends who have them assure me they are worthy additions.  However.

Why would they resurrect the Juno name for these?  The original Juno was an afforable analog polysynth.  People interested in a Juno 60 or Juno 106 today are most likely:

  • Collectors who want a Juno because of its place in history;
  • VA synthesists who want to add some genuine analog flair on the cheap; or
  • Mad scientists who want to abuse the CV inputs.

The new Junos, on the other hand, appeal to people who want to get some decent keys, pads, and other classic rompler sounds.  No doubt the two groups overlap somewhat, but I suspect not too much.

The best analogy I can come up with is that the Juno 60 was a budget alternative to the Jupiter-8, while the modern Junos are budget alternatives to the Fantom family.

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