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This time I have a good excuse

If you were curious about the dearth of updates recently, I was preoccupied with travel.  I just completed a move from Norfolk, VA to San Francisco.  For our European readers, that’s about as far as from Brussels to St. Petersburg, except it’s twice as far.

As nooj and I discussed recently, imposing limitations on yourself can paradoxically unlock creativity.  If that’s the case, then I’m about to produce the best music of my life, because this is all the kit I could squeeze into my suitcase:

As much studio as I could fit in a suitcase

However, I clearly moved to the right neighborhood: I spotted an HR824 in the back seat of someone’s car today.

I am of two minds about this

I am nearly as unenthusiastic about mediocre amateur rap as I am enthusiastic about subatomic physics.  But here it is anyways in case you have yet to see it:

Physics: A.  The video is informative without being too technical.  Alpinekat expresses a very high level confidence that the experiments will either confirm or deny the existence of the Higgs boson, which surprised me.
Lyrics: C-; not bad for the most part, but several lines scan poorly and I cannot abide that.
Arrangement: D+.  It is no longer clever to use Simpletext-rendered “gangsta” phrases in a song.  Sorry.

There’s a somewhat bizarre FAQ at CERN’s website to reassure the public that the LHC will not destroy the world.  The first beam test is scheduled for Wednesday, and you can apparently watch it live.