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Happy 909 Day

Last year Tom at Music Thing (RIP)1 had a nice bit for 808 day.  Those are big shoes to fill, but I couldn’t let 9.09.09 pass without a mention.

I tried to think of some quotes about the 909 but drew a blank.  The 808 was as common in hip-hop as in techno, while the 909 is exclusively a house and techno machine.  I enjoy listening to hip-hop, but I don’t really feel connected to hip-hop culture.  But I do feel like techno, and electronic music more generally, is part of me, not just something to consume but something to participate in.  Perhaps that why I am so fond of the 909.

Here’s Daft Punk:

Here’s Jeff Mills:

1. RIP to the blog, not to Tom.  As far as I know.

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