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I have a new look

This blog has had the same theme for about 8 years, and it looked pretty dated. Thus I made this new one. This theme is “responsive,” which means it looks good even if you have a really tiny screen, which, I’m told, is what the kids are into these days.

What do you think?

I haven’t quite polished all the bits so some things still look weird. I’ll fix them when I get to them!

Some credit

The color scheme is “OceanSandBeachParty” by Suzana_K. Thanks for putting a bunch of rad color palettes on the internet for free, Suzana_K! I owe you one.

If you want to be “responsive” too, you should read this handy book.

Livid Alias 8 remote script for Ableton Live 9

I found myself in need of a basic mixer-type control surface. I’m quite fond of my Ohm64, so I picked up an Alias 8 from Livid.

Livid Alias 8

This is my Alias 8.

Oddly, they don’t seem to have an official Live 9 remote script. So naturally I wrote my own.

What does it do?

Each channel strip is set up like so:

  • Top knob is unassigned– MIDI map to whatever you like.
  • Bottom knob is pan.
  • Fader is level.
  • Top button is solo/cue.
  • Bottom button is arm.

The big fader is master volume. The encoder, when in CC mode, scrolls through the tracks.

That’s it! If you want to do straightforward record-and-mix type work, this is the map for you.

How does one get it?

It’s on github!

If github ain’t your thang, download here:

To install on Mac:

  • Unzip the file.
  • Find and open your Live app bundle. (Right-click and choose “Show Package Contents”)
  • Go to Contents -> App-Resources -> MIDI Remote Scripts.
  • Drop the “Alias8” directory there.

The script should also work on Windows, but I don’t know how to find your MIDI Remote Scripts directory.

NOTE: This script assumes the encoder above the master fader is in relative (infinite) mode. Out of the box, it’s configured in absolute mode, so you’ll need to change it. The easiest way to do so is with Livid’s web editor.