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In honor of the Champions League final

Here is a theme song I made for The Offside podcast about a year ago.  They decided not to use it, which doesn’t bother me; but they used some kind of lame audio clip art non-song instead, which does.  Weak.  I was all set to rip some Jose Mourinho quotes off of YouTube and layer them in.


As for the actual match, at first I found it hard to get excited for yet another Man U-Chelsea clash.  But no matter how you feel about the teams, you can’t deny that they are both stacked with talent.  And for that matter, Chelsea’s reputation for cynical football is a bit overblown.  So I decided to stop worrying about hatin’ on the big-money clubs and just enjoy one more big-time game.

Buzz is the ultimate multi-effect

A tiny snippet from an experiment with running a bunch of outboard gear through Buzz. Recorded last summer, but I just recently found the recordings.  I am rocking the microKorg, Aaron is rocking the Electribe, and we are both rocking the Stoli.


In honor of March Madness

Here is some basketball-themed house music. I did this remix of a song about the illustrious Darvin Ham for The Wizznutzz about a year ago.


If that’s not enough for you, check my other remixes for Wizznutzz: one for Queen James and another for Nils Lofgren’s classic rock anthem Bullets Fever.

From the vaults: songs from b1nary her0

A couple years ago my friend Darius was making a goofy video game called b1nary her0 and asked me to do a few lo-fi songs for it. I came up with these two chiptunes. I think the project sort of died out before they got around to integrating the new songs, so here they are for your enjoyment.

[audio:] [audio:]