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I have a new look

This blog has had the same theme for about 8 years, and it looked pretty dated. Thus I made this new one. This theme is “responsive,” which means it looks good even if you have a really tiny screen, which, I’m told, is what the kids are into these days.

What do you think?

I haven’t quite polished all the bits so some things still look weird. I’ll fix them when I get to them!

Some credit

The color scheme is “OceanSandBeachParty” by Suzana_K. Thanks for putting a bunch of rad color palettes on the internet for free, Suzana_K! I owe you one.

If you want to be “responsive” too, you should read this handy book.

That was dumb

So the site disappeared for a while due to me forgetting to pay for the hosting.  And uhm, I hadn’t backed it up since January, so all posts from this year are gone.  But hey, it’s back!

Changes brewing

Perhaps you have noticed that half the music on the site disappeared overnight.  Aaron is no longer part of Of.  He did not elaborate on the reasons, but as far as I know the departure is not acrimonious.  So, um, there’s that.

我不会说普通话; or, the strange case of Aaron vs Deserts.

While looking through our site stats, I found that a ton of people were downloading Sounds I Made, and most of them were coming from this mysterious Chinese page with no apparent connection to Aaron or whatever sounds he might make. (Scroll down to the bottom to see the link.) After spending a lot of time with Google translate and, our best guess at what’s going on is this:


The new Of

We are reworking the format of The new site will be updated much more often, so please keep coming back. Or better yet, add to your favorite news aggregator.