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Five pieces of gear and how they survived a coffee spill

5. Korg padKontrol. The bottom left pad occasionally fails to send a note off.  I usually map that pad to the kick drum, which fortunately is not important in electronic music.

4. Faderfox LC2. The channel 4/channel 10/solo button is gummed up.  The other controls just feel so damn nice, making the sticky one even worse in comparison.  It feels like the button might loosen up after pounding on it some more so I am optimistic.

3. M-Audio Keystation Pro. I had to wipe down the keys.  After bangin on low D a few times, it’s no worse for the wear.  One of the knobs is too loose but that predates the coffee.

2. NI Audio Kontrol 1. No noticeable ill effects, although I think this guy was pretty well out of the danger zone.

1. The plank that I put on my keyboard stand to hold my laptop. I just wiped it down and bam, good as new.

A quick update

1. Live 7 is good.

2. The Faderfox LC2 is really good.

3. A clean install of Windows only seems like a good idea before you do it.

3a. Damn serial numbers and activations.

3b. I am almost ready to kick Buzz to the curb.

3b(i). Emphasis on “almost.”

4. I am working on a new audio software project.

4a. I do not yet know how serious it is.

4b. Boost.Python is a godsend.

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