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Mooradian custom keyboard bags are wonderful

If you have an oddly-sized instrument, and you take it out of your house more than rarely, you should get a custom bag from Mooradian.

Way back in January or so my faithful microKorg died and I replaced it with a Waldorf Blofeld. I picked up a generic 49-key keyboard bag to go with it. This bag was crap. First, the bag was way too big for the Blofeld, making it floppy and awkward to carry. Second, the flimsy hardware on the strap broke within a couple weeks.

Long story short, a couple months ago I stumbled across Mooradian, who will make a variety of bags to order. I ordered a bag for the Blofeld. It came to under $200 delivered and arrived in about 4 weeks.

Mooradian custom keyboard bag for Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

The Blofeld in its nest

The hardware and craftsmanship are top quality. Most importantly, the difference from the ill-fitting bag to the properly-fitting bag is shocking. My instrument feels ten pounds lighter, probably just because it doesn’t shift around when I carry it.

Mooradian custom keyboard bag for Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

All zipped up

I recommend them highly.

Where are the beautiful synths?

I was flipping through some pornography the other day, admiring some pretty guitars.  Specifically, the maple-top Taylor T5 caught my eye.  Of course, Grl’s 614CE is not exactly an eyesore either.  Then I wondered: what gear do I have that’s nice to look at?  The yellow-cone KRKs?  The padKontrol?  I love my kit, but it’s not pretty.

Guitarists can find an axe with any body shape, color, finish, and wood they like.  Synthesizers, on the other hand, tend to look functional at best and butt-ugly at worst.

Sonically speaking, classics like the MS-20 or DX-7 were revolutionary.  Visually, they look more like appliances than instruments.  I would love to get my hands on an ARP Odyssey, but it’s pretty unattractive.  At least oddities like the Wasp and the Fizmo are so ugly they’re cute.

What synths are beautiful?  Pics and ramblings after the jump ..